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Grease Tech supply everything you require to better manage the fats, oils and grease produced by your commercial kitchen. We offer a comprehensive service that includes the supply, install service and repair of your grease traps…


Grease traps & grease management systems are designed to prevent fats, oils, & grease from entering your drainage system. This type of waste if not properly processed will potentially cause a blockage in your drains and pipework…


Quality grease trap maintenance and regular servicing can help to ensure that your grease management system is always fully operational and fit for purpose. Failure to maintain a grease trap…


Without regular cleaning or maintenance your grease interceptors or dosing units can become damaged. Failure to address a damaged grease trap can ultimately result in the failure of your grease management system, temporary closure…


As part of our after sales service and support we also provide extensive expertise, help and advice if you encounter any issues with water companies, enforcement or third-party resolution following our…

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